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BigMt Snowkite Freeride


BigMt Snowkite Freeride

A community that rides together and explores big mountain terrain using kites as a tool to ascend mountains and drop into the best lines with the deepest snow.  Welcoming everyone from the guy who is trying the sport out for the first time to the snowkite pros.

We will be choosing locations that have the best conditions possible and demonstrate what can be done with a kites on snow with an emphasis on backcountry riding.  Locations where we would travel to ride anyway as well as new places off the beaten path that have yet to be explored.  The idea is to freeride with cool people and work together to achieve common goals within the sport, which can range from pioneering new snowkite spots and making movies to finding a beginner friendly spot to help new kiters dial in their skills before heading into the backcountry.  

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